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Prestige project to be launched at KIA to enhance skyline

Accra’s Kotoka International Airport (KIA) enclave has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past two decades, in line with growth in the aviation and hospitality sub-sectors. Indeed, successful execution of the Airport City 1 project by Ghana Airports Company transformed the national capital’s skyline.

Airport City One is now home to major architectural masterpieces and is one of the most sought-after business districts in the capital. Atlantic Towers, Nester Square, Holiday Inn Hotel, SSNIT Emporium, the Marina Mall, National Communications Authority (NCA) building, Vodafone and UT Towers, Silver Star Towers and One Airport Square, among others, are some of the major developments at Airport City One.

The expected construction of a new development, christened Prestige – on 2.88 acres of land adjacent to the Airport Shell Fuel Station and directly opposite the Marina Mall – by a private developer is also set to add to the Airport skyline’s beauty, redefine luxury-living in Ghana’s capital and play a key role in increasing the country’s tourism receipts.  Youssef Aitour, Co-Founder and Managing Director-i2 Development Ghana Limited, the project’s developer, confirmed that an official launch of the project is slated for December 13, 2023.

The importance of modern, sustainable plush offices, residential properties and hotels within the Kotoka International Airport vicinity, and indeed near major airports in Africa, cannot be overstated when it comes to the growth of tourism, aviation, and allied businesses. These properties play a crucial role in supporting and attracting visitors, facilitating travel and fostering economic development.

Placing plush residential properties and hotels near airports provides convenient and easy access for travellers. This accessibility allows tourists, business travellers and aviation professionals to conveniently stay close to the airport – saving time and reducing travel-related stress. This proximity encourages more visitors to explore Ghana as they can easily reach their accommodations upon arrival, resulting in increased tourism and economic growth.

These developments are in sync with the investment in on-ground airport infrastructure at Kotoka International Airport. The flagship Terminal 3 can handle five (5) million passengers a year. Last year, passenger throughput was a little over 1.8 million and is expected to increase this year.

In 2022, Ghana realised US$2billon in tourism revenue, with a projected end-year 2023 tourism revenue of US$3.4billion. Over half a million visitors have been recorded for first-half of this year by the tourism sector regulator, Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA). The Authority projects total arrivals of 1.2 million by end of the year.

All these visitors and the many expatriates, business leaders and entrepreneurs desiring to live in the heart of Airport City, with access to world-class amenities and impeccably designed residential spaces, will benefit a great deal from completion of the Prestige project. This will improve the visitor experience, as modern and plush properties like what is planned with Prestige offer a wide range of amenities and services which ensure a pleasant and memorable experience for visitors. This positive experience can encourage tourists to go home and recommend the destination to others, boosting growth of the tourism industry.

All within reach

The Prestige project’s location means all the best Accra has to offer leisure and business travellers is only a few minutes away. From famed shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs, offices of major international companies operating in Ghana, and of course the Kotoka International Airport, are all within reach – in about 60 seconds.  The project is expected to provide the ultimate in luxury living, whether one opts for a studio, one- or two-bedroom or penthouse.

The lush, green spaces on the ground, on each of the levels, and the incorporation of sustainable open spaces as part of the Prestige project will create a ‘luxury sanctuary’ within the city for residents and be a pleasure to the eyes of beholders. With the strong choice of the renowned Michelleti and Co. as general contractors, the project’s quality is never in doubt. Casa Trasacco is a preferred partner for the project, and will add the touch of elegance they have come to be known for in each apartment curated within the Prestige.

KIA’s improved brand image

The availability of sustainable accommodation near airports can attract environmentally-conscious travellers. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration for travellers, the presence of eco-friendly hotels and residences can provide a competitive advantage for airports and their associated travel markets. Moreover, the construction of sustainable residences and hotels can stimulate economic growth by creating job opportunities in the construction, hospitality and service sectors. These developments can employ local communities, thereby supporting the overall aviation and travel markets.

In addition to economic benefits, sustainable accommodation can also improve the airport’s reputation and contribute to its corporate social responsibility efforts. This can lead to increased stakeholder trust, positive media attention and a strengthened overall brand image, attracting more airlines and businesses to operate within the airport’s vicinity.

Source: BFTOnline.com | October 24, 2023